Edition de luxe

spring summer 2018

Café Costume has set up an exclusive selection of limited seasonal inhouse fabrics: Edition de Luxe. Be the first one to pick out that sophisticated fabric you have been craving for. Legendary by their comfort, pattern, colour and elegant fresh look. No rules, just ask your tailor to show our Edition de luxe lookbook and choose one of Café Costume’s most beloved own fabrics.

890 euro for a 2-piece EDL suit.


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Create a made-to-measure shirt by choosing the best in quality fabrics: 100% cotton poplins, twills and oxfords. Buttons of your choice, the perfect collar fit, the right cuffs and placket, initials embroided on the shirt… we will set up your style. Prices starting from 149 euro.

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Don't forget to bring a coat

Breeze into your prefered season with our finest selection of made-to-measure coats. Café Costume presents a wider range of fabrics in the coat collection. Where the finest crafmanship can be used for creating your classic overcoat. Or in the tendency of being ‘water repellent’, you can also choose for a tailor made multifunctional trenchcoat. They come in a beautiful range of colours, because winter or summer… it will be raining anyway.

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Found what you were looking for? look no futher and make your appointment!

Custom tailoring requires an appointment at your prefered Café Costume store. That way, your personal tailor can guide you through the choices to make. Book your appointment here. Our website may help you find some inspiration for the perfect look you admire. We’re looking forward to your visit. 

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In need of a finishing touch?

Elevate your look by accessorising to your most impeccable appearance. Wearing customised accessories in a variety of ways, doing something different every time. Styling with a personal Café Costume twist.

Discover our unique collaborations

For several years, branding agency glossy.tv and suit maker Café Costume have been working together. Their collaboration included memorable visuals, linings & campaigns for the Café Costume brand. This spring, glossy.tv helped translate Fernand Léger's work in a new exclusive lining. Available at Café Costume as from Spring 2018. printed in Belgium.

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