Bozar Linings

Unexpected insides

Touching the exquisite art of playfullness with “The Linings, Unexpected Insides”. For this occasion, Café Costume has set up a collection of limited linings in collaboration with 9 Belgian artist, hailing from each province, in which fashion meets graphic design.


Collaborating artists: Alice Janne, Carll Kneut, Debora Lauwers, Dennis Tyfus, Fanny Vanmansart, Floris Verbeeck, Hell’O Monsters, La Villa Hermosa and Musketon.

carll cneut - "valentina's birds" - west-flanders
hell’o monsters - "vaudoo" - hainaut
alice janne - "the kleptomaniac" - namur
debora lauwers - "holy salami" - limburg
floris verbeeck - "pigmentes" - brussels
dennis tyfus - "pak aan" - antwerp
fanny vanmansart - "no borders" - luxemburg
la villa hermosa - "osb" - liège
musketon - "kittens" - east-flanders