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Your tailored suit. Your Personality. Café Costume will make you an exclusive and elegant made-to-measure suit. With attention to detail and expertise of one of our tailors, the right choice of style will be made with you. Scroll down for some inspiration or make an appointment right here.

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What we have in store for you! The largest collection of made-to-measure suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and coats for men in Belgium. Café Costume will dress a man according to his own style and personality. Our tailors are here to guide you along.

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Custom tailoring requires an appointment at your prefered Café Costume store. That way, your personal tailor can guide you through the choices to make. Book your appointment here.

Our website may help you find some inspiration for the perfect look you admire.

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Did you book your appointment? Then you’re ready to visit one of our stores.

  1. By appointment our tailors will get to know you, your preferences and your wishes.
  2. You will be guided through the choices of fabrics and details. That way the right colour, patterns and details (lining, buttons, embroidery,pocket style,…) will be chosen.
  3. The second part of your appointment will consist of getting measured by one of our experienced tailors.
  4. Enjoy your perfect look. Your custom-made garment will be ready in 4-6 weeks. We will invite you for a first fitting moment and make time to dress you up with the right accessories needed.
  5. Good to know… Your first appointment will take about 90 minutes. The fitting moment takes half an hour.


For sure there’s a difference between off-the rack and made to measure suits. When the suit you buy, comes off-the-rack, it will always be mass-produced in advance. As where it has been created made-to-measure, your unique body shape will be taken into account. 

We will take care about the size and the fit: jacket length, shoulder width, biceps, leg length and width,… We don’t skip important things. We do even continue with additional adjustments if neccesary during the final fit.

Café Costume doesn’t offer you off-the-rack. Our clothes (suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and coats) are always made-to measure. Which plays to your advantage: you will be able to choose your fabric and the details and our measurements and our styling advice is 100% sincere.

The price that comes along will depend on the fabric of your choice. A 2-piece suit can be yours for a price starting from 490 euro. And of course every piece can be ordered separately too.