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Personality in the form of a suit. That’s why you want a tailored suit by Café Costume. It doesn’t matter whether you’re called Matteo Simoni, Bent Van Looy or John Johnson. Scroll along for some inspiration or make an appointment right away. We’re counting down the days to share our expertise in made-to-measure suits with you.

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Let’s be clear about what we have in store for you. You’ll find the largest collection of made-to-measure suits for men in the country. And tailor-made replies to any question you might have. The secret behind so much know-how? It’s no secret, it’s months of inhouse training, experience with previous customers, and the innate sense of style of all of our colleagues.

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Tailoring requires an appointment, so we can take our time together. Book a fitting session as soon as possible. Done? Alright, time to get inspired! Browse through our website or pick up a magazine. That way, you can give us an impression of looks and styles you like.

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Did you book an appointment? Great, you’re in for a treat. You are about to translate your personality into a tailored suit. This is how we roll:

1. Getting to know you, your preferences and your wishes.

2. Choice of the fit that best matches your build.

3. Customization of the fit to give you a taste of your final look already.

4. Personalization by choosing the fabric, the lining, buttons, embroidery, and so on.

The appointment takes about one hour. And the Estimated Time of Suit Arrival? 4 to 6 weeks. If anything still needs adjusting at that point, we’ll take care of it in the next few days. 

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made-to-measure suit vs.

Is there a big difference between off-the-rack suits and made-to-measure suits? In fact there is. All shops claim they will make your suit fit perfectly well, but an off-the-rack suit is always mass-produced in advance. This means customization is limited to minor adjustments.

Café Costume doesn’t do off-the-rack. Our suits are always made-to-measure. This is playing to your advantage. Twice. You know for sure that our styling advice is 100% sincere (because we have no stock to sell) and your tailored suit will fit you like a glove.

The price tag is largely dependent on the fabric you fall in love with. Base prices vary from 590 to 990 euro.

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Our aim

We fine-tuned our family tradition of craftsmanship in tailoring to a modern day and age.
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Custom made

We combine our skills with quality material to bring you an out-of-body experience.
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